Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Roppongi Street View Story: ds106

The name of this ds106 assignment is called "Street View Story." The purpose of this assignment is to use Google Maps or Google Earth to find a street view picture of a place you have been to, then to explain the significance of the picture. So for assignment I grabbed a picture of a club I have visited a couple times out here in Tokyo. While it's definitely not the best club in Tokyo, they do play very good music here. I choose this picture because just last weekend while I was there celebrating my friends birthday the police came and shut the club down. It was kinda a big scene there were some 50 cops and there was even a news crew filming the whole incident. It wasn't until later that I  found out the reason the club was shut down. Apparently the club had been operating without a license to allow dancing and to be open past midnight, which I found to be funny.  The club was frequented by a lot of foreigners, so now that it's closed I'm not exactly sure where they are going to go now. I've posted a youtube video clip of the incident below:


  1. I've only been there once and would never go back, it wasn't that great. But how silly for it to get shut down like that after operating for so long...It wasn't something that big of a deal anyways. There are wayyy shadier clubs around that should get some cops attention...

  2. Yeah it's definitely not the best spot to go clubbing and I agree there are a lot more shadier clubs that should have been shut down before it. But I guess was inevitable that it was going to close.