Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Car Lust DS 106

For this Ds 106 Assignment I decided to choose Car Lust as my topic. Audi's in general are my favorite car, but this particular make and model is by far my dream car. It's not to often that I have a chance to see this car in public due to how expensive it is to buy. However, I did see this car parked in the front parking lot outside my apartment. It stood out so much than any other car in the area. Seeing this car makes we want to work harder, so that I will be able to buy it one day.  I think I may have went and started studying right after I saw this car lol. Overall, this is by far my dream car and when I see it in person, it shows me that you can have the nicer things in life as long as your willing to put to time and dedication into your work.

1 comment:

  1. Who knows! You might even get your dream car soon. I like the striking blue color of this ride, and the gray accent makes it quite the eye-catcher. True, you can definitely achieve your dreams if you work hard and persevere. Besides, setting goals will keep us motivated, and that helps turn our dreams into reality.