Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Movement of Autotune Music(Practical Activity)

auto-tune 24/7!
Image: Computer using Autotune by A_Minor through Creative Commons

For this blog post I want to take the time to focus on Music, but insted on music as a whole I want to focus on the segment of autotuned music, which seems to be prevelant in many artist music today. However, this movement has grgone beyond you average artist and srpead acoss to averge Americans across the country.

I can remember the first time I heard an autotune song. It was during the year 2000 when T-Pain came out when an album that consisted of mostly autotuned songs. While this wasn't by any means the first autotune song to come out, that distinction belonging to Cher with her song called "I Believe", It was my first time ever experiencing this new kind of music. When I first heard this new sound I was Indifferent at first. I didn't think it was great or bad,I just knew I had to listen to it some more before I could form an appropriate opinion on it. As the years passed I began to notice more and more artist use autotune as a part of their music. Unfortunately, like most things it began to grown on me. Something I wasn't to high on when it first came out, has now become something that I often look for in artist music.

As Johnny Sharp refers to in his blogpost "Finally, The End of Autotune" in 2008 when Jay Z came out with his new album called Blueprint 3. He wanted to try and put an end to the whole Autotune movement by releasing his new song called DOA(Death of Autotune). However, while his attempt was admirable, it seems that he only further adavanced it's movement.

Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3

Image: Blueprint 3 by d-q's through Creative Commons

Today, the autotune movement just isn't in music. You can find almost anything autotuned nowadays.  Almost everything sounds better autotuned. For example, in andrews thoughts and stuff blog he takes Martin Luther Kings Speech and autones it.  He was able to take a speech that was serious and create a little humor, because it seems like MLK is singing to singing to the crowd.  In aonther

While all those are funny I have found a group of people on youtube who autotune everything that is reported on the news. The video below is one of my favorites of theirs.

As you can see videos like this can provide a lot of entertainment for people.

Another autotune video that is pretty funny to listen to in Kim Kardashians autuned song called "Turn it Up", this is absolutely one of the worst song I have ever heard and you can see by the amount of dislikes on the video that most people agree with me.

Has it really come to a point where you can take any celebrity make an autotune song and produce the the hell out of it and think it will sound good? I for one don't think so. In my opinion if you suck at singing in general you will not sound any better in autotune.

Overall, I think the whole autotune movement is fun and adds a lot of excitment not only to music, but to oridinay people who put their own videos in autotune. Nowadays you can purchase your own autotune app for you phone, Now isn't that cool lol. In Microsoft Man  blog post he explains how you can doenload software on you computer to autotune your voice on there. I really like the direction of autotune and hope it continues to grow in everything we do.

Midterm Practice Post

Bridge in Japan

Bridge of Osaka, Japan

Image: Picture of Bridge in Osaka by OSU commons through Creative Commons

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Social media and it's contributions to Business.

Social media plays a very important role in how businesses reach out to new potential customer or current customers. In today's society social media allows business reach customers that they would never have been able to meet had their not been a social media outlet for them to connect through. For certain business such as sports franchises, Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, linked In, and google+ allow these sports franchise's to advertise to potential customers at very low cost to the company, as well as, keep their current customers informed on the progress of their favorite team.  

 Lets take the NBA  for example, where 28/30 teams have a team-page on Facebook and Twitter. These teams have realized that social media is a great platform to reach their customer and inform them on upcoming games, discounts, and activities. 

However, while social media has become popular among many sports franchises, not just the NBA alone.  Social media can be used to tarnish the name the name of the team. For instance,  MLB has taken measures to ban all employees of major league teams from posting any pictures of their teams logo to their Facebook, Twitter, Myspace page.

"Major League Baseball has drawn the line by instituting a social media policy that, among other things, prohibits employees of all 30 major league clubs from using the name or logo of any MLB team on a personal social media site or from linking to an official MLB site from a personal social media site. So, in effect, an employee of a MLB team cannot have a link to his or her team’s website or use the team logo on his or her Facebook page or other social media site. Some would say that is cutting off the nose to spite the face."
Actions of this kind seem to defeat the purpose of social media, because the best way people learn about something is through word of mouth. 

However, while it seems likes actions of this kind seem to be silencing the the expressions of thousands of employees. Major League Baseball is just doing what any business would do, which is to protect it's profits. Business don't want employees posting inappropriate things on to their social media pages. Actions of this sort have can have an adverse affect on each individual business.  
  Other sports teams have also instituted a ban on social media to the players of the sport. For instance, the NBA and NFL have instituted bans on the use of twitter and Facebook 45-60mins prior to the start of games. 

 Overall, the success of a business in today's society depends on how successful and how well companies use social media to their advantage. The benefits of social media are endless. Companies are able to network at a much more affordable cost than previously before. Instead of survey's done by market research companies, Facebook allows users to like any items that are a favorites to them. This type of information is invaluable and very important to the business model of business today