Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pop Culture.

The definition of "Pop Culture" can have a lot of different meanings, it just depends on who your asking. To me pop culture differs from generations. My idea of popular culture is probably completely different from what my parents view of it is. The things that were popular in society when they were growing up are still what's popular to them today. Whenever I play new hip-hop or rap music that is popular today, my parents would either tell me to turn that garbage off or ask what the hell they are saying. At times I can agree with them on the fact that today's music has much less meaning than it did in the past.  However, this is what is popular in today society. 

One cultural aspect of popular culture that is pretty contemporary is fashion. I think most people have a good idea of what is fashionable for different age groups. While I admit, there are still some people living in the past with what is fashionable. I believe their is an overall consensus between people of what looks good.

Anyway like I said earlier. I believe that pop culture is generational for the most part. While there are certain parts that have a common ground among different people. For the most part popular culture changes with the times and it will continue to do that for the foreseeable future.


  1. It's interesting that you keep in mind that pop culture is different for different people and different age groups, especially since what is interesting, or "popular" for you doesn't really include others' preferences. That inclusive nature is kinda contrary to the all-encompassing nature of pop culture itself O.o

  2. I think the generation distinction is an important one. Several students have suggested that pop culture is that which is popular to the general population of a society.

    To me your point about pop culture being more of a youth phenomenon seems more of a useful definition. I don't think that the stuff from our parent's or grandparent's can be considered pop culture so much as that which the young people are in to.

    But I wonder what is the determining factor. Perhaps it is the size and the scope of the industry that produces for and profits from the younger generations. That seems to be where the money is.